Disentangling the Drivers of beta Diversity Along Latitudinal and Elevational Gradients (updated)

Roughly, this science paper suggest that gamma diversity can explain the latitudinal/altitudinal variations in beta diversity so there is no need to invoke different local assembly mechanisms, they use two extensive data sets (One of them is here ). It seems to me that almost the same thing is formulated in the Hubbell’s neutral theory, local alfa diversity is determined by metacommunity (regional or gamma) diversity so beta diversity will also be determined by gamma diversity. In fact an expression for beta diversity under the neutral model was derived and it was found inconsistent with data. But different measures of beta diversity were used.

Therefore we can use the same dataset to estimate the neutral theory parameters and do simulations to obtain beta diversity (a confidence envelope). If we reject neutral theory,  the same results were obtained previously with other data sets, so we have to discuss why. If we don’t reject neutral theory, maybe that is more interesting, also we have to discuss why.

We can use the methods of:

Estimating Parameters of Neutral Communities: From One Single Large to Several Small Samples. Ecology, 88(10), 2482-2488.

This is an open possibility for collaborations so tell me if you like the idea and want to work with it.

Leonardo A. Saravia

Docente/Investigador de la @ungsoficial, Doctor en Biología de la UBA. Complex systems. Networks. Global Forest Fragmentation. Open science. R C++ & Python.

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