A poster like a flower

These are my ideas about self-publishing a poster. There are tons of places on the Internet about how to write the best poster, but I think that most of them don’t apply their guidelines for its own publication, I mean the web page where the guidelines are published.\

A poster should have three levels:

  1. A visual level: the visual impact, something attractive like a flower for its pollinator. This is like a commercial advertisement. Look at your poster from a distance and then you will have an idea of what I’m saying.

  2. Headings and order: this is a closer look, after you feel attracted you begin to read the big letters and feel the organization. You would like to be oriented, like on a guided tour. Numbers in headings and the balance of graphics and text will be important at this stage.\

  3. The scientific message: So you are sipping my nectar, only the most important things have to be written but enough to be understandable. In case of doubt, less is better, open spaces improve readability.\

That’s all folks. I borrowed many things from this site. I think it’s the best among the ones I could find on the subject.

Leonardo A. Saravia

Docente/Investigador de la @ungsoficial, Doctor en Biología de la UBA. Complex systems. Networks. Global Forest Fragmentation. Open science. R C++ & Python.

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