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The poetry of winning an award

I went to Chile with a wining sensation in my mind. And I won. Best poster award BIOMAT 2011 - Chile But I wasn’t there when it was announced because I went to the house of Pablo Neruda and bought some presents for my family, anyway it was a magic afternoon.

Disentangling the Drivers of beta Diversity Along Latitudinal and Elevational Gradients (updated)

Roughly, this science paper suggest that gamma diversity can explain the latitudinal/altitudinal variations in beta diversity so there is no need to invoke different local assembly mechanisms, they use two extensive data sets (One of them is here ). It seems to me that almost the same thing is formulated in the Hubbell’s neutral theory, local alfa diversity is determined by metacommunity (regional or gamma) diversity so beta diversity will also be determined by gamma diversity.

First post

I don’t know exactly why I chose this name for this blog, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about my own science blog. I had blogs about poetry and short stories (in Spanish) but this is a new challenge it was slowly forged inside me from some time ago, this last step was inspired by a note about open science by Carly Strasser and by the Oikos blog, that was the first blog about ecology I met.