I am a computational ecologist working as a Professor/Researcher at the UNGS. I code in R and C++, and try to promote open science and reproducibility. I also like photography, poetry, literature, music, walking, and I love my big family. My actual scientific projects are about global forest patches: early warnings and tipping points. And how climatic change influence ecological networks and biodiversity.

Brazilian Mata Atlantica Forest Surrounded By Sugar Cane

Global Forest

We are studying the dynamics of global forest patches using percolation and nucleation theory, finding new early warnings for fragmentation

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Tropical Lowland Rainforest in Madagascar

Biodiversity collapse

When the habitat is fragmented species competition is higher and this could produce a collapse in biodiversity, we predict this using spatially explicit models.

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Antarctic Food Webs

Climatic change is modifying habitats and species interactions, we studies the stability of food webs to these changes.

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